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Antidepressants Get "Black Box" Treatment by FDA

I was relieved to hear FDA finally had begun to do something right by forcing drug companies to stamp their antidepressants with "black box" labels that warn of increased suicidal behavior among kids. This process was long overdue after nearly a year of pressure from Congress and parents who have lost their children.

Still there are some who feel just as strongly kids who are seriously ill won't get the proper care they need to overcome their emotional problems. National Institute of Mental Health director Thomas Insel shares my concerns that many physicians "will write prescriptions for Prozac like it's penicillin."

More than 1 million children in the United States take Prozac. Surprising, but understandable, considering antidepressants probably make up a large portion of the 3 BILLION prescriptions filled just four years ago.

Many experts believe many children are given antidepressants to handle a minor or temporary problem which mirrors my feeling that drugs are dispensed by physicians as a first resort before more appropriate, healthier and far less expensive solutions are considered.

For example, EFT is a profoundly helpful tool to quickly, inexpensively and permanently resolve the underlying emotional causes of the problem. Thanks to EFT and a better understanding of biochemical nutrition, it is very rare that I need to use these types of drugs for any child. I can count the number of prescriptions I have written for them on one hand since I started using EFT

USA Today October 18, 2004

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