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Newest Natural Cancer-Fighting Food: Apples

You may remember a study some time ago that confirmed the antioxidant power of the apple. A group of French researchers recently discovered the skin of the apple has contains specific polyphenols -- procyanidins -- that could be instrumental in fighting colon cancer.

Scientists split the polyphenols found in apples into two general categories, and exposed cancer cells to each. The first class of monomer polyphenols, including the flavonoids, failed to have any significant effect at concentrations ranging from 10-100 micrograms per millilitre. However, the second class, featuring the procyanidins, triggered signals that lead to cell suicide, thus thwarting the growth and spread of cancer.

Next, researchers fed rats who had been injected with a substance known to trigger colon cancer a liquid containing apple-derived procyanidins. After about six weeks on this diet, these rats were found to have about half the number of precancerous lesions in their colons as counterparts on a regular diet.

While it's always good to optimize your health by eating whole foods like apples, remember too much of a good thing can throw your insulin levels out of whack. Consider modifying your diet based on your personal nutritional type.

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