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Why Take a Pill To Erase Your Memory?

Emotional traumas that cause bioelectrical short circuiting in the brain are one of the major reasons why people become ill. The conventional paradigm of course understands this and that is why they have directed resources to develop a drug solution. Now there is a controversial field of research seeking to alter, or possibly erase, the impact of painful memories -- a concept dubbed "therapeutic forgetting" by some and taken to science fiction extremes in films such as this summer's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

However there is absolutely no reason to take a drug that will invariably have side effects, some of which may be very significant or even lethal and not even solve the problem. There are dozens of techniques within energy psychology that can truly "transform" the traumatic memory into one of objective and rational understanding that no longer contributes to ill health. The technique we use in our office is EFT and it is, without question, the single most useful tool we have for restoring a person's health. You can review my free EFT manual if you haven't already. While it is a terrific tool that you can use on yourself, for serious issues it is strongly recommended that you find a competent health care professional that can perform the technique for you.

Washington Post October 19, 2004

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