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Fertility An Issue For Thin, Overweight Men

It didn't surprise me much to read overweight men are more likely to have problems with poor sperm control, i.e., infertility. What was surprising: The fertility of underweight men was even lower than obese men.

Researchers studied the body mass index of some 1,600 Danish men as well as their sperm counts, sperm concentration, semen volume and other measures of quality such as sperm shape and motility.

Sperm counts and sperm concentration were 21.6 percent and 23.9 percent lower, respectively, in overweight men with a body mass index above the healthy level of 20 to 25. In underweight men, the same measurements were even lower at 28.1 percent and 36.4 percent, respectively.

Although no clear-cut answer emerged from the study, scientists speculated the presence of estrogen -- too much in the obese and too little in thin people -- could be the culprit.

If you are experiencing fertility problems, I suggest you work on improving your diet, exercising and watching your stress levels. A great first step would be to take my free nutritional typing test to determine which foods are best for your body to eat. By doing so, you will learn the right (and wrong) foods to fight and prevent disease and improve the way you feel -- physically and emotionally -- and that help you prevent disease.

Exercise is also an important factor, because it can reduce insulin resistance, which can also cause infertility. Exercise can also improve circulation, which provides better oxygenation of the cells.

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