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Half-Ton Man Takes The Surgical Route

I was surprised and disappointed to read that Patrick Deuel -- the man who had weighed slightly more than a HALF-TON four months ago -- opted for gastric bypass surgery done yesterday.

Before going into surgery, Deuel had lost 421 pounds and said his diabetes and high blood pressure were under control. Interestingly, Deuel credited his previous weight loss results to a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet and exercise. After being bed-ridden for almost a year, the Nebraska man finally had enough strength to walk on his own and, unfortunately, prove he could survive bariatric surgery.

Too bad, Deuel didn't stay on the steadier, healthier route by eating the right foods and, likely, eliminating grains and sugars that eventually converted, via insulin, into fat.

Another major concern: A more recent study found 2 percent of all patients who have gastric bypass surgery die within a month after their operations.

Yahoo News October 27, 2004

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