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The Secrets of Why Vaccines Are Good Business for Drug Makers

OK, it is in this morning's NY Times so it must be true. This excellent MUST READ article explains some of the tricks of how the drug companies are able to leverage enormous profits from vaccines. One of the keys is to have them approved and considered mandatory so the government and insurance companies will pay for them.

A great example is Prevnar. It is "alleged" to be useful against the pneumococcal bacteria that can cause pneumonia, meningitis and ear infections. It costs more than $250 for the four-dose treatment given to infants. Despite the price, the government has recommended that all infants get the vaccine, and insurers generally pay for it - as does the federal Vaccines for Children program for low-income families. Prevnar, with sales expected to top $1 billion this year, would be the world's first "blockbuster" vaccine. If you haven't read our review on Prevnar please do and you will find out why this is a worthless vaccine.

The other trick is to convince economists of the value of vaccines. They have manipulated economists to believe that every dollar spent on some of the childhood vaccines has yielded benefits as high as $27. The true reality is that if children were fed ideal diets and loved it would be virtually impossible to come down with an infection that would harm them. What physicians and economist fail to understand is that the problem is not with the bugs but with immune systems that are impaired by faulty nutrition.

You just simply can't plug holes in your immune system with grains, sugars and pasteurized milk and juices and expect to be able to defend yourself against adequately against infections. Although it is likely vaccines do confer some protection for those unwilling to improve their diet, they do so at an enormous price. Many of them are loaded with neurotoxic substances like mercury and aluminum and have caused serious brain injury and deaths in tens of thousands of children. Additionally, and most importantly, they do nothing to address the underlying foundational cause of the problem.

Folks, that is why we have an epidemic of childhood obesity in this country and why 10% of our children are on psychotropic drugs to control their behavior.

As the NY Times so perfectly states: "left to their own devices, individuals may not highly value vaccines because of the uncertainty that they themselves will ever get the disease." How very true.

It is my passion to inform the public so they don't have to continue down this insane path of destruction and help to reverse the dangerous path we have embarked on by being in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.

New York Times October 29, 2004

The Lakeland Ledger October 29, 2004

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