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Anger Will Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease & Separate You From God

Medical research has discovered new evidence of a connection linking physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Researchers found that apparently healthy men and women who were prone to anger and hostility were significantly more likely to have elevated blood levels of C-reactive protein, which is an indicator of arterial inflammation implicated in the casue of coronary artery plaque formation.

Negative emotions such as anger, hostility, resentful suspicion, cynical distrust, and rash impatience rouse the sympathetic nervous system, which generates the "fight or flight" response of brute survival. Recurrent surges of adrenaline elevate blood pressure, increase heart rate, increase muscle tension, and strain the endocrine and metabolic systems. Extreme outbursts can imperil heart and health.

Habitual indulgence can lower one's threshold to unleash rage at even slight provocation. Sometimes easily triggered anger that occurs when feelings of guilt or inadequacy are exposed signals that the person feels threatened. Unresolved anger turned inward can insidiously fester into bitterness and depression. Unrestrained anger suspends joy, overrides reason, fractures friendships, embitters marriages, and isolates us from others and from God.

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

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