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Exercise Benefits For RA Patients

Dutch researchers recently confirmed another healthy and natural recommendation I've been making to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients: A steady diet of long-term, high-intensity exercise.

Up to now, the major concern of RA patients has been the potential for accelerating the progression of joint damage in their hands and feet. However, Dutch scientists found exercise decreased the rate of local bone damage in patients and actually had a protective effect on the joints of their feet.

The exercise program for RA patients set up by researchers must be working well: Of the 309 people who started the trial two years ago, all but 28 are still participating.

For those who did experience a rapid increase in damage to these joints, three factors played a part:

  • Worse existing damage before the study started
  • Higher disease activity during the study
  • Decreases rather than increases in aerobic fitness

Besides exercise, there are a number of natural tools one can use to fight RA. Probably, the most popular tool is EFT, a psychological acupuncture treatment I recommend to optimize your emotional health. Learn the technique with my free manual and discover more about the connection between your emotional well-being and your overall health.

Vitamin D levels also can play a crucial role in avoiding or treating RA.

Yahoo News November 3, 2004

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