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The Newest Peril of Obesity

The obesity epidemic, a product of this fast-food culture in which we live, causes such devastating problems such as congestive heart failure, liver problems and different types of cancer. Researchers have found those high-fat diets full of empty calories have another unforeseen and terrible effect on your body: They may serve to worsen your memory.

Scientists divided mice into four categories based on different diets. After four months, mice on two of the diets (high-fat and high-fat and high-sugar) gained significantly more weight than the others. Those two groups were also the least equipped to learn or remember enough information to navigate a maze test.

The same results held true for other memory tests in other research using mice or rats that had been fed nutrition-poor, high-fat diets.

These findings led scientists to believe that reducing the amount of dietary fat and empty calories may improve memory and help reduce the negative effects of stress and aging on thinking and learning. Other work shows diets high in fats and carbohydrates may worsen cognitive losses due to sleep apnea in those prone to the condition.

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Science Daily November 3, 2004

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