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How Healthy Is Your State?

After 15 years of significant improvements, progress in health seems to have stalled. This is particularly true for obesity and infant mortality. No surprise from my perspective as we still have a long way to go to clean up our diet and, it is very clear to me, that the vast majority of this country is firmly in the grasp of the veil of ignorance promoted by the drug industry. They are all wrapped up in the drug and surgical allopathic paradigm and are firmly convinced that there is a pill solution for their problem. Every day I see patients this is dramatically confirmed.

Nearly everyone has bought into the allopathic paradigm. Fortunately most of them have substituted vitamin pills for drugs but the concept is the same. The answer is not in the pills folks. About the only "supplement" I recommend is cod liver or fish oil and believe me I would not recommend either of them if we had an inexpensive easily available form of clean fish. Since that isn't the case I advise nearly everyone I meet and know to start on this critical food source.

Ah, but I digress. If you want to know how healthy your state is please go to this morning's USA Today's table to find out exactly where your state ranks.

USA Today November 8, 2004

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