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Vioxx - - The Beginning of the End for Conventional Medicine

You can read my post below for the enormous economic consequences Merck will suffer in the near future. Their stock went down by $30 billion and they stand to lose another $20 billion or more in law suits.

Does Merck Deserve to Lose $50 Billion Dollars?

You better believe they do.

If you don't believe it, then I strongly encourage you to read the single best review of this topic that I have seen to date. It is likely the NY Times is the best newspaper in the country and they did an incredible piece of journalism in their Magazine section this morning. A full seven page detailed reconstruction of Merck's handling of Vioxx, based on interviews and internal company documents.

The NY Times articles details how in 2000 Merck executives rejected pursuing a study focused on Vioxx's cardiovascular risks as their marketers feared it could send the wrong signal about the company's confidence in Vioxx. Despicable behavior.

Please also remember that FIVE years ago I posted warnings about Vioxx, BEFORE it was even on the market . I don't know how much more of a warning I could have posted. Five years ago I knew this drug was a prescription for disaster and I specifically recall conversations with Merck drug reps who laughed at me when I showed them the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. I'll bet they aren't laughing now.

But folks, believe me this is merely the tip of the ice berg. The entire conventional system is posed to fall. You simply can not pull the wool over the public eyes for that much longer. People are craving the truth. They want authentic real solutions to their health challenges that don't cost them an arm and a leg. That is one of the main primary intentions of this site. And as result of providing consumers with this information and education the paradigm will shift.

I am highly confident it will happen in my lifetime and seeing Merck fall is a strong indication that we are winning.

New York Times November 14, 2004

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