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Alternative Medicine Still Scares Pediatricians

Lately, there are news stories popping up every week taking the media by storm that reflect the growing disenchantment patients and medical experts are having with conventional medicine, some as huge as the Vioxx scandal have attracted a great deal of attention.

And some that don't command the attention they should -- which is why you should subscribe to my free twice-weekly eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter -- like the results of a study that showed many pediatricians acknowledge their patients use complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) to improve their health, yet most do not feel comfortable discussing or recommending these therapies.

The reasons pediatricians didn't prescribe alternative treatments for their young patients:

  • Lack of knowledge about such therapies
  • Concerns about side effects
  • Delays in seeking necessary medical care

The study also found many of you weren't letting pediatricians off the hook either. An impressive 87 percent of patients had asked their pediatricians about CAM therapies in the past three months.

Despite their reservations, about a third of the pediatricians surveyed said they or a family member had used alternative therapies in the past year, and more than 60 percent of them felt alternative therapies could enhance recovery or relieve symptoms.

Emphasizing alternative therapies that treat the root cause of disease rather than the symptoms is at the heart of my vision to transform the existing medical paradigm from one addicted to needless pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

EurekAlert November 16, 2004

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