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Good Movies For the Holiday Season

I don't watch TV but I do watch DVD movies for recreation. I just saw one of those rare movies that was truly outstanding from my viewpoint. Just so you know my perspective, I consider Frank Capra's movie It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks' The Green Mile as two of my favorite films. Well last night I had time to watch the movie In America and it was quite clearly one of the best movies I have ever seen.

The movie has Ariel (the girl being held by her father at the left) as one of the most precious absolutely irresistible little girls you could ever see. The movie is told through the eyes of her slightly older sister, Sarah (the girl being held by her mother at the left) who brings an impressive, totally convincing sense of gravity to her role as a child who feels responsible for keeping her entire family afloat. Her younger sister captures the film until the final few minutes when you realize Sarah is the incredible genius that masterminds the recovery of her family.

In America is a great, emotional story about accepting happiness in the face of contrary evidence, about daring to hope and love even when the evidence says you shouldn't, and about all the other contradictory miracles life offers us in the pain and joy it brings.

The story begins with the family sneaking over the Canadian border on tourist visas to start a new life in a strange, abrasive, enchanting place called New York City. It's the 1980s, a period when the AIDS epidemic is yet to be named and the country is spellbound by a creature named E.T., which is used throughout as a metaphor symbolizing the alien experience. The family's life is a series of large obstacles and small but potent victories, money worries and lucky breaks, quiet despair and unexpected adventure.

This is a semi-autobiographical tale that pits the pain and grief of unimaginable loss against the resilience of the human heart. In America touches your emotions in countless ways. Warm, funny and painful, it is beautifully written. To call a film heartwarming risks turning some people off, but In America pulls at your heartstrings in a totally genuine, nonmanipulative way. It is that rare find: a film that is as emotionally truthful as it is satisfying. If you like the end of the Green Mile as much as I did with its tragic mystical enchantment than you will love the last ten minutes of this film.

If your are like many people searching for a good movie to rent, I can guarantee you that you won't go wrong by putting this one in your queue. If you haven't seen Green Mile yet you will certainly also need to put that one on your must view list.

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