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Stress A Danger to Asthmatic Children

Last week, I posted a story about the power of optimism and how your emotional health can so directly affects your physical health for the positive. A new study shows the flip side of that equation and how the sometimes fragile state of a child's emotional health -- when shaken by events such as death, divorce or moving to a new home -- can multiply their risk of asthma attacks four-fold.

Researchers found stressful life events were linked to bouts of acute asthma at two distinct time periods:

  • Within two days of the worrying event
  • Five to seven weeks later

The 60 kids who participated children in the study experienced 124 stressful life events and recorded 361 episodes of rapidly worsening asthma symptoms.

It's becoming more common than ever that conventional medicine is recognizing the connection between emotional and physical health and, in particular, for our children. Some steps you can take to bolster your family's health and well being:

Yahoo News November 24, 2004

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