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New Laser Therapy Can Easily Remove Acne Scars

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing remains one of the most effective treatments available for achieving facial rejuvenation. A few sessions of this new type of laser treatment appears to smooth out acne scarring with a relatively short recovery time. Acne scars are typically the result of damage to the protein collagen of the skin. During the treatment, a series of "nonablative" lasers "work beneath the surface skin layer to stimulate collagen growth which helps improve scarring as well as minimize fine lines.

In contrast, normal lasers like ablative lasers, work by heating and removing the skin. After this treatment, patients typically take longer to recover, and are at risk of pigmentary changes and post-operative redness. People are able to go right to work after nonablative laser treatment. In another cosmetic surgical breakthrough, a British doctor used infra-red light to remove crow's feet, the fine wrinkles around the light. As the picture shows, it seems to work great. The therapy can take up to 10 years off a person's age, works by stimulating elastin - the part of the skin that gives it tightness.

BBC News November 21, 2004

Archives of Dermatology November 2004 140:1326-1332 Free Full Text Article

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