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Lookout Complements Google Desktop Search

Prior to Google Desktop Search, there was a program called Lookout. In some ways it was better than Google Desktop and it was also free. But Microsoft purchased them two or three months ago and took it off the market. Guess what though? After reading an article about it in my favorite computer periodical, PC Magazine, I learned that there were so many complaints that Microsoft allowed Lookout to distribute the program for free and it is now updated and can be downloaded from their site.

It is a bit different than Google Desktop Search and actually complements Google. Where Google Desktop gives equal emphasis to files, e-mails, and other content, Lookout focuses strongly on e-mail messages, appointments, and contacts. In fact, its default settings don't include indexing files at all. I frequently will use both to find lost items in my computer. Once you use either of these though you will never use the exceedingly slow Microsoft search function.

PC Magazine November 2004

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