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Can Colds Really Be Deadly?

Could you be risking your health if you go to work sick? According to a British study of some 10,000, people who come to work sick could be elevating their risk of heart disease significantly. In fact, researchers found that even working with a common cold can be harmful.

What did the most damage wasn't at all surprising to me: The stress from working when ill caused the risk of heart disease. In fact, typically, workers did not realize the damage they were doing to their bodies. After comparing attendance rates with the health records of civil servants, scientists found 30-40 percent of those who did not take time off when they were sick had double the incidences of coronary disease.

If you recall my article on over-the-counter medications I posted earlier this month, many people confuse their availability for safety. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Rather than endangering your health by taking drugs of any kind that merely mask symptoms, I urge you to take a more proactive approach to your health TODAY and not get colds in the first place! Here's how:

BBC News November 29, 2004

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