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One More Reason Males Must Avoid Diabetes

A new study demonstrates one more great reason men must avoid type 2 diabetes: Low testosterone production affects a third of all patients who suffer from diabetes. This condition, known clinically as hypogonadism, is not caused by a defect in the testes, where testosterone is produced. Instead, improper functioning of the pituitary gland, which controls production of testosterone, or of the hypothalamus (the region of the brain that controls the pituitary) is the problem.

These findings are important, according to one scientist, because hypogonadism has not been recognized as a complication of type 2 diabetes, and the high prevalence of that condition was unexpected.

Another interesting finding: Although obesity is associated with hypogonadism and is prevalent among type 2 diabetics, only 10-15 percent of the variation in low free testosterone levels could be attributed to body mass index. More than 30 percent of lean patients also were lacking in testosterone.

The good news is that diabetes can be easily treated naturally. The process begins with the right eating plan based on your body's unique nutritional type. Take my free online test to learn more about the right foods for your body type.

A consistent exercise program is the other significant component to preventing diabetes. The benefits of exercise are twofold as it will help with both weight loss and normalize your insulin levels. I know from experience how much exercise helps me. Without it, I would be a type 2 diabetic. Running 20 miles a week seems to keep my blood sugar in a nearly ideal range.

EurekAlert November 30, 2004

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