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How Are Drinking Water and Low Blood Pressure Connected?

I run articles often on my blog about the importance of drinking clean pure water -- about a quart a day for every 50 pounds of body weight you carry. British researchers have discovered another health-based reason you may to hit the water bottle more often: Drinking water could help people suffering from low blood pressure who are prone to fainting while standing.

How does this work? Drinking two glasses of water can raise one's blood pressure, potentially providing a solution for patients with low blood pressure while standing, caused by autonomic failure. This condition occurs when parts of the nervous system, responsible for the control of bodily functions not consciously directed -- blood pressure, heart rate and sweating -- do not function properly.

Researchers studied 14 patients with autonomic failure, measuring their blood pressure while lying and standing, before, and 15 and 35 minutes after drinking 480ml of distilled water. The process of standing, before drinking water, caused a fall in blood pressure. It took from 5 to 13 minutes for the blood pressure of patients to rise.

Drinking clean water doesn't mean what comes from the tap, however. Tap water should be avoided at all costs because it contains chlorine and may contain fluoride, toxic substances that, with ongoing consumption, can have dire consequences for the body.

EurekAlert December 1, 2004