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"Drug" for Increasing Female Sexual Drive??

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee voted against approving the first prescription treatment for female sexual dysfunction until more studies are conducted to assess the drug's risks. The FDA committee decided Intrinsa should not be approved before researchers conduct additional studies to measure long-term health risks. Although the FDA usually follows the advice of its advisory committees, occasionally it doesn't. Expect a decision in a few weeks.

The real laugh here is that the "drug" is not a drug at all, it is a natural bioidentical hormone. The NY Times article writer adds to the confusion by stating that the FDA was burned by approving hormones in the past as they were shown to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Nonsense, absolute hogwash.

The hormones that received the well deserved bad press in 2002 with the Women's Health Initiative Study were SYNTHETIC hormones. The major problem with previous hormone therapy is that it was using synthetic progestins like Provera or horse estrogens like those found in Premarin.

What the FDA, most doctors, and patients do not realize is that bioidentical hormones supplement can actually optimize your body's own natural hormones so they reach an optimal level that corresponds to the reference ranges for healthy young adults. This reference range is far more likely to correspond to optimal health than the ranges typical for the elderly.

That is what is confusing the FDA. They simply can't seem to understand when one provides a person with bioidentical hormones based on a hormone evaluation, either saliva, urine or blood, and monitor the therapy it can provide nearly miraculous improvement in the quality of life, and that is not only their sex drive.

The amazing aspect of this article is that this "drug" does not need to be approved as there are tens of thousands of physicians who have been using it for many years through a compounding pharmacist as testosterone has been approved for human use for many years. In fact, I take it myself.

I am writing this post from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas where I have been since Tuesday and will be here till Monday attending the largest anti-aging conference in the history of the world. I don't think I have ever taken a full week off to attend a medical conference before this week but I am learning an incredible amount of information and hope to start sharing it soon. They anticipate over 5,000 physicians here and I will be speaking this Saturday to the entire group on how they can use diet to optimize their hormones. A few months ago I started to aggressively screening for hormone deficiencies and have started prescribing natural hormone replacement therapy and have been amazed at how this can therapy can turn people's lives around.

I am here in Vegas with Dr. Pearsall who will be writing a book with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, one of the world's leading experts in natural hormone therapy, that we hope to publish in spring of 2005.

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