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Splenda in Short Supply

Interest in Splenda has so outpaced expectations the company that manufacturers won't take on new U.S. customers until it has doubled production at it's plant in McIntosh, Ala., sometime in early 2006.

Amazing, absolutely amazing. Apparently the world can't get enough of Splenda. Most people, including many natural health clinicians, are oblivious to the concerns of Splenda. It is following many of the same patterns as Nutrasweet. If you still are on the fence about Nutrasweet (aspartame) you simply must read my review of the best video on the market on this subject. In a short 90 minutes it will open your eyes up to the dangers of this dangerous neurotoxin that should not be consumed by anyone.

You will also be shocked to learn how aspartame was approved. We are all far too familiar with the FDA and its inability to protect the public from dangerous drugs like Vioxx. Well folks, did you know that the approval process for food additives is far less stringent. Vioxx has already killed over 50,000 people. Do we really want to serve as continued lab rats for the FDA?

The ONLY studies done to date on Splenda were those funded entirely by the manufacturer. Does anyone in their right mind think that the manufacturer is going to be motivated to find problems with the product? Folks, this sweetener has never been proven safe and it bears a striking resemblance to DDT. You can read some of my other concerns if this isn't convincing enough. In the meantime, my best recommendation is to avoid this artificial sweetener and be grateful more of it won't be on the market.

Yahoo! News December 3, 2004

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