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Does Your TV Love You Too?

With excessive TV viewing contributing greatly to the childhood obesity epidemic gone wild, and professionals as well as consumers acknowledging the "boob tube's" negative effects on our health and culture, a new study of some 900 Texas women found just how arbitrary and contradictory people can truly be. The survey found people really enjoy solitary TV viewing as a passtime, after all, and that taking care of their children was about as enjoyable to them as doing housework...

The survey -- marking the debut of a novel questionnaire that probes the subtle, moment-to-moment emotions that constitute an ordinary day -- found that commuting to work, housework and facing a boss rated as the least pleasant activities, while sex, socializing with friends and relaxing were most enjoyable. But, in an about-face from previous research, researchers also discovered women rated television watching high on the list, ahead of shopping and talking on the phone, and ranked taking care of children low, below cooking and not far above housework.

One of the most consistent findings in studies of well-being is how little difference money makes. As long as people are not battling poverty, they tend to rate their happiness in the range of 6 or 7, or higher, on a 10-point scale.

The two factors that upset the daily moods of patients the most didn't surprise me at all, and probably contributed greatly to their less-than-rosy dispositions.

  • A poor night's sleep
  • Tight work deadlines

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Wilmington Star-News December 3, 2004

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