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Sunshine: More Cancer-Fighting Evidence

Austrialian researchers have found more evidence sun exposure can be a potent weapon against cancer, specifically to protect patients from the development non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Not surpringly, scientists admitted the initial goal of their research was to prove the opposite, that high sunshine exposure increased a patient's odds of developing this form of blood cancer.

Simply put, a patient's risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma dropped as his or her hours of exposure to the sun increased. In fact, those with the highest exposure to the sun decreased their odds by a sizeable 35 percent! Scientists found the mechanism for how sunlight protects your body from cancer mirrors what I've said for a while: Sunlight helps your body form vitamin D.

The key to proper sun exposure is to never burn. With the official start of winter two weeks away and some parts of the country with snow on the ground, you may planning a trip to a warmer climate soon. You may be inclined to splash sunscreens on your body to protect it from burning. But because sunscreens are toxic and don't work anyway, the best way to protect your skin is as simple as covering it.

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