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Long-Term Lead Exposure Causes Cataracts

Earlier, I shared some results from a comprehensive study about mercury and, sadly, how its toxicity is still very much up for debate on the side of conventional medicine. The results of a new study published in yesterday's Journal of the American Medical Association cited the toxicity of another common metal -- lead -- and how continual exposure in our environment over many years led to a greater risk of cataracts. How lead merits concern and mercury makes no sense to me whatsoever. But I digress...

Researchers found patients with the highest levels of lead in their bones were almost three times more likely to have cataracts than those at the lowest. The fact that lead causes oxidative damage to body tissues in general was what prompted a study the relationship between lead and cataracts, scientists said.

As part of a long-term study of aging in men, scientists measured lead levels in the tibia and patella bones of some 800 male patients in their late 60s over nine years and then collecting eye exam data for the same period.

The common ways people are exposed to lead:

  • Smoking
  • Lead-based paints
  • Drinking water
  • On their jobs

I strongly urge you to learn more about heavy metals like lead and what to do to avoid them to protect your health.

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