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Research Misses The Mark on Folic Acid

I've posted numerous articles about the many benefits of folic acid, as it can lower your blood pressure, build stronger bones and help prevent birth defects.

That's why I wanted to calm your fears about a new study in the British Medical Journal that allegedly found a possible increase in the risk of developing breast cancer among women who take folate supplements while pregnant.

The concerns involved research involving nearly 3,000 pregnant women who were randomly assigned to take a high or low dose of folate, or an inactive placebo, from 1966-67. By 2002, a total of 210 women had died, and 31 specifically to breast cancer. Fourteen of those patients who died received were low or high doses of folate.

Nevertheless, even conventional medical experts expressed doubts about the findings, calling them "a statistical fluke" and "a chance finding."

Regardless, there's no denying folic acid is good for you. I suspect the value you get from consuming folic acid is determined in where you get it from. For example, this nutrient is best obtained through organic, fresh uncooked whole vegetables.

Also, please be aware the amount of vegetables your body requires depends on its specific nutritional type. While all of us need vegetables to stay healthy, but the type and amount should be determined by your unique nutritional type.

Yahoo News December 10, 2004

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