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Stroke: The Newest Danger With Migraines

If you recall the recent study I posted about frequent migraines leading to brain damage, you probably aren't surprised to learn migraine sufferers are twice as likely to suffer a stroke than those who don't experience them, according to new research. U.S. and Canadian researchers looked at 14 studies investigating a link between stroke and migraines, in the first review of its kind.

The stroke risk for migraine sufferers in relation to non-sufferers was 2.16 times, and slightly higher (2.27) for those who have interrupted vision from light affects (auras).

Even worse, three studies showed women migraine sufferers who take oral contraceptives were up to EIGHT TIMES more likely to suffer a stroke than those who didn't. That's an even greater concern, because as many as a quarter of women in their mid to late 30s experience migraines.

In my practice, I've found most migraines have their origins in food-based problems related to wheat, dairy, sugar, or artificial preservatives or chemicals. Migraines can be improved by eliminating these foods and incorporating a more nutritious eating plan based on your body's nutritional type.

Migraines are another example of a physical problem that usually has an underlying emotional cause. Energy psychological tools are very effective for treating headaches and are also great tools for targeting emotional causes. For migraines, I recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which involves tapping on specific energy meridians and has been incredibly successful in providing permanent relief to many of my patients.

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