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The Link Between Mercury and Autism

A former FDA scientist may have uncovered the link between thimerosol, the mercury-based preservative found in many vaccines and autism: A genetic flaw that differentiates the metabolisms of autistic and healthy children.

The report by Dr. Jill James, released by the Environmental Working Group (a not-for-profit organization that investigates toxicity in the environment), claims autistic children have a severe deficiency in glutathione, an important detoxifier for the body.

James studied the metabolism of 20 autistic children, after starting with just 10. The results were so "very, very striking," she added 10 more samples to her study, just to make sure they were accurate. All of them came back the same, which could also explain why some 70 percent of all autistic children are males.

Glutathione levels are naturally lower in males. Estrogen, found more predominantly in females, is an antioxidant like glutathione, so girls have more chemical weapons to fight against metal toxins. And, because glutathione is vital to proper functioning of the intestines, this discovery may also explain why so many autistic children have such disorders.

A decade ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics estimated an autism rate of one in 2,500 in the United States. Today, the rate is estimated as high as one in 166. And, as many as one in six children have neurological disorders.

To learn more about glutathione, read mercury expert Dr. Boyd Haley's testimony in front of Congress three years ago.

The Southeastern Missourian December 13, 2004

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