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Second Marriages Make Men Fatter

You've probably heard about the various studies that have reported married men were healthier and happier than single or divorced males, and I certainly don't doubt that. But it doesn't surprise me much to learn divorced men who remarry may fall into bad habits, like skipping exercise and putting on weight, and their health may slip into "relative decline," according to a new study.

Although researchers suggested weight gain may be due to an improvement in a man's "bachelor-like" eating habits and better social support, the increasing marital time demands may wipe out extra time set aside for exercise and make them more sedentary.

An interesting factoid: Researchers monitored more than 38,000 men (ages 40-75 from 1986-94) who were healthcare professionals taking part in a long-term study by Harvard into chronic illness. Talk about not practicing what you preach...

In comparison, widowers had less than healthy habits -- consuming more alcohol and eating fewere vegetables -- compared to men who stayed married for four years. And divorced men lost weight, but also smoke and drank more than other groups.

If you want that second marriage to last a good long time, I urge you to learn more about the benefits of eliminating grains and sugars and modifying your diet to one more suited to your personal nutritional type.

BBC News December 14, 2004

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