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Finally Live Traffic Conditions on the Internet

I live outside of Chicago and rarely venture into the city as I just hate driving in traffic. It seemed really ludicrous that technology had not caught up to the point where we could not have real time traffic analysis on the web. Well, it finally has caught up. Yahoo has beefed up its existing mapping services to allow customers to plot a route from one local destination to another, and overlay traffic data such as road speeds and potential delays.

While local radio, television and weather sites have offered traffic tracking for years, many of the maps and features are primitive. No national site, till now, existed that offers dynamically generated traffic maps. Yahoo's dynamic maps draw on real-time traffic information from metropolitan transportation departments and private providers, including embedded road sensors, traffic cameras, police scanners, and traffic helicopters. The site boasts traffic accident reports and road construction information in more than 70 metropolitan areas, in effect covering regions where three-quarters of the U.S. population lives.

This is especially helpful if you have a cell phone that can connect your notebook to the Internet. I have been using such a device for the last two years. So finally it will be possible to venture on the roads with confidence that you will not be stuck in traffic.

USA Today December 16, 2004

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