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The Pros and "Cons" of Bioidentical Hormones

You may recall a story I posted last week about the FDA's flawed decision not to approve Intrinsa, a bioidentical hormone that also improved sexual arousal and orgasms in women.

Some "experts" will argue there's nothing natural about bioidentical hormones, as they are made in laboratories, just like synthetic hormones, and contend their use may not be any safer than synthetics. Nevertheless, a growing number of women appear to be sidestepping drugs like Premarin for bioidentical hormones. So much so, some pharmacies have added additional technicians or offering saliva testing to help doctors determine individual dosages.

As I've said before, bioidentical hormones supplement can actually optimize your body's own natural hormones so they reach an optimal level that corresponds to the reference ranges for healthy young adults. This reference range is far more likely to correspond to optimal health than the ranges typical for the elderly.

Again, the "experts" simply don't understand that bioidentical hormone treatment -- based on a hormone evaluation (either saliva, urine or blood) and regular monitoring -- can provide nearly miraculous improvement in one's quality of life, far beyond their sex drive. Still, conventional medical experts will argue hormone levels vary in women by the hour and from one part of the body to another.

Such tests probably won't ever happen, unless Big Pharma could find a delivery system that could be patented.

Chicago Tribune December 20, 2004

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