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Limonene May Fight Asthma

Because you know I'm fond of natural remedies over toxic drugs, you may want to take advantage of the curative aroma of limonene, particularly if you suffer from asthma. Limonene, a principle ingredient in the aroma of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, was found to protect rats from asthma in a new study.

Limonene protected rats from the symptoms of asthma by eliminating inhaled ozone which increases lung inflammation, according to the study. In fact, other scents, like those emitted from pine trees, geraniums and roses, contain ingredients similar to limonene, which may explain why asthma is much more common in urban areas that lack vegetation, scientists said.

Merely squeezing an orange peel releases liquid that contains a high concentration of limonene, according to the lead researcher who has heard stories of people who experienced relief from asthma and other lung diseases after spending time around limonene.

Ozone, a key component of air pollution, can encourage changes in the body that result in persistent inflammation in the airways. Conversely, limonene helps rid the body of ozone, muting its toxic effects, according to researchers.

Yahoo News December 21, 2004

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