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Diet Soft Drink Sales Surging

With consumers looking to shave as many calories as they can off their already nutritionally deficient diets, some experts believe sales of diet soft drinks, laced with artificial and deadly sweeteners like aspartame, will overtake full-calorie versions sometime down the line.

Sales of full-calorie drinks have hit a decline as the market share of diet sodas have climbed steadily over the past decade, along with sales of bottled water, teas and sports and fruit drinks. The editor of one soft drink industry magazine summed it up best: "There's no such thing as a no-calorie hamburger. There's no such thing as a no-calorie doughnut. But the soft drink industry already has these huge powerful brands [of diet drinks]."

Without the recent surge in diet soda sales, one expert believes a 3 percent overall industry decline would have amounted to almost 10 percent! More insane facts about diet sodas:

  • Americans drank 837 servings of soda last year, an increase of more than 20 PERCENT over the past two decades.
  • Soft drinks accounted for 7 PERCENT of an average American's daily calories during that same time.

The BEST Christmas present you could give to your family is to make a commitment to stop drinking soft drinks immediately, as it is clearly one of the most important physical things you can do to achieve higher levels of health.

Folks, soft drinks are one of the main nutritional reasons why most people suffer from health problems. For one, it parallels alcohol in one profound similarity: If you drink all that sugar, your appetite is relatively suppressed for nourishing foods like vegetables and that results in nutritional deficiencies. By the way, this damage is separate from all the harm sugar can do.

Yahoo News December 21, 2004

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