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Beware Of Turkeys At Your Dining Table!

I've posted many articles on my Web site about the dangers of eating meats typically found in grocery stores largely due to the conditions in which animals were raised. Typically, they're pumped up full of hormones and antibiotics, fed with grains rather than healthier natural food and raised near artificial pesticides and fertilizers, thus not safe for you to eat at all. Unfortunately, the same issues apply for turkey, the traditional meat of the holiday season.

Consider this a warning, albeit late in the game, that high proportions of bacteria identified in more than 1,000 turkey carcasses from two processing plants in the Midwest were found to be superbugs, resistant to many of the antibiotics used on farms and to treat people, according to a new study. This latest finding raises the possibility antibiotic-resistant bacteria might find their way from turkeys into the human food chain, and possibly into hospitals.

Some 10 percent of the birds tested in this new study contained strains of both Campylobacter and Salmonella. Previous research by the same group discovered 17 percent of processed birds were infected with Salmonella, and a parallel study found 35 percent of birds carried Campylobacter.

Grass-fed animals are the most ideal for your health as they have an optimized ratio of essential fatty acids.

New Scientist December 21, 2004

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