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Children's Motrin Blamed For Blindness

With all the recent furor over Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra and the FDA's role in all this mess, let me urgently remind you even the over-the-counter drugs the "experts" tell you are safe can be just as devastating to your health. If you're at all skeptical, consider the case of a 7-year-old Los Angeles girl whose family is suing Johnson & Johnson, claiming the mega-pharmaceutical firm failed to warn consumers about a possible allergic reaction to a children's drug that left her blind.

The suit alleges Johnson & Johnson, among others, failed to warn the public or educate the medical community about the possible risk of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENS) or any other serious skin reactions associated with using Children's Motrin, making it an unsafe product and dangerous to sell to consumers. Since the late 80s, the young girl's family contends Johnson & Johnson knew about the connection between Children's Motrin and these severe, potentially fatal reactions.

The youngster's parents gave their young daughter the recommended dose of Children's Motrin drug after she came home complaining of a headache when she was six. Sadly, the drug led to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare but violent allergic immune system response that causes fever and blistering, which may affect the cornea and other parts of the eye.

After taking the drug Sept. 8, 2003, the young girl was rushed to a hospital intensive care unit the following day with a high fever and came down with a severe rash. Her eyes were so badly affected that they had to be "forcibly opened by an ophthalmologist, causing her unbearable, excruciating pain," the suit claims. Two days after taking Motrin, she was completely blind.

More than a year and in excess of 230 operations later, the girl is still unable to independently open her eyes and suffers from many problems, including photosensitivity, or over-sensitivity to light.

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