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Rumsfeld Target of Aspartame Lawsuit

You probably recall my long post about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's latest "tap dance" in front of U.S. soldiers in Iraq and the media over the lack of proper armorment. It's gotten so bad that our soldiers have had to search for scrap metal to protect their vehicles and themselves while fighting a war! Rumsfeld is also the same "genius" who was hired by G.D. Searle to largely circumvent the federal waters to get aspartame approved some two decades ago.

Rumsfeld's role as chief architect of the sweet plague that has been found to erode intelligence and affect short-term memory has been outlined in a $350 million lawsuit filed Sept. 15 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Specifically, the plaintiffs maintain Rumsfeld used his political muscle to get aspartame approved by the FDA despite objections of many FDA health researchers and negative studies.

Included among the charges alleged in the lawsuit:

  • R.I.C.O. (racketeering charges) act violations
  • Unfair competition
  • False advertising
  • Fraud

If you want to know more about Rumsfeld's role in bringing aspartame to America, I urge you to read my recent interview with filmmaker Cori Brackett who made the outstanding documentary Sweet Misery. The film details Cori's trek across America to discover the true story behind this "sweet poison."

News Target Network December 27, 2004

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