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Depression Doubles Risk for Repeat Heart Attacks, Death

You may recall a study I posted a while back about the considerable damage depression can do to patients who have already suffered a heart attack. Researchers found depressed patients have declining heart function after an attack, thus increase their risk of death.

A recent review of more than 40 realted studies confirmed those earlier results, as depression was found to double that risk of death or repeat heart disease in heart attack patients. Post-heart attack depression is indeed a common problem that affects nearly 20 percent of all heart attack patients.

Even more troubling: Researchers found the relationship between depression and a higher risk of death and disease REMAINED CONSISTENT despite a variety of ways to measure depression. Although unwilling to make recommendations or determine the exact link, the reviews all pointed to the same conclusion: One's risk of death or a second heart attack increased two-fold within two years after the first.

Life after a heart attack doesn't have to be a "death sentence," unless you perceive it to be. You can avoid "sudden death" by providing your body new tools to compensate for the bioelectrical short-circuiting that can cause serious disruption in many of your body's important systems. I've found energy psychology tools, like the Emotional Freedom Technique you can learn at home, can be very useful to battle stress as well as depression.

Science Daily January 5, 2004

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