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Fighting Diabetes With Vinegar?

An Arizona State scientist has discovered vinegar could have a sizeable impact on the body's ability to fight type 2 diabetes. Two tablespoons of vinegar before a meal, maybe as part of a vinaigrette salad dressing, could dramatically reduce the spike in blood concentrations of insulin and glucose that come after a meal.

In a study of about 30 patients divided into three groups (type 2 diabetes, healthy and those with markers for diabetes), scientists gave each participant the vinegar dose or a placebo to drink immediately before they ate a high-carbohydrate breakfast.

Although all three groups in the study had better blood readings after meals begun with vinegar cocktails, those showing the signs of future diabetes showed the biggest gains. For example, vinegar cut their blood-glucose rise in the first hour after a meal by about half, compared with readings after a placebo, premeal drink. In contrast, blood-glucose concentrations were only about 25 percent better after people with diabetes drank vinegar.

Also, people with prediabetic symptoms ended up with lower blood glucose than even healthy volunteers after both groups drank vinegar.

Science News Vol. 167, No. 1 January 1, 2005

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