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CRP Just As Lethal as LDL Cholesterol

You may remember an article I posted about six months ago about the benefits of having your blood tested for C-reactive protein (CRP), a very good way to screen for the "hidden" inflammation that is connected with heart disease and cancer.

Independent research by two groups has found that reducing CRP levels are just as important to arterial inflammation -- in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks -- as lowering your ratio of bad cholesterol (LDL). Previously, LDL was thought to be the primary cause of heart problems.

Unfortunately, most physicians don't pay much attention to CRP, instead focusing on prescribing statins -- drugs virtually no one needs -- for treating bad cholesterol.

Optimizing your diet, based on your body's unique nutritional type, can do wonders to normalize your cholesterol and CRP levels as well as starting an exercise program.

USA Today January 6, 2005

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