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Kraft Claims Fast-Food Ad Phaseout to Kids

It's mildly encouraging to read Kraft Foods -- manufacturer of processed lunch meats, sugared soft drinks and cookies -- plans to phase out advertising of its popular snack foods to kids under 12. Meaning they won't be seeing ads in their Spider-Man comics or on Nickelodeon for Oreos, Chips Ahoy or Kool-Aid. What's interesting, however, is what they won't stop doing:

  • Kraft will still use cartoon characters in its products and packaging.
  • Contests, prizes, games and other various promotions will still be launched on their Web site.
  • All those products will still be advertised and marketed in the various media to kids over 12.
  • The picture posted with this item that shows how companies can build brand loyalty for their unhealthy products to kids anyway through subtle marketing.

Just think about it. About the time some kids may start feeling the effects of the childhood obesity epidemic in pre-puberty, they'll be bombarded by even more products they don't need.

One of the more popular articles on my site is one I wrote about what parents can do to help their kids lose their excess weight and build better self-esteem by setting a good example. Contributing editor Colleen Huber, a future naturopathic doctor and mother of a 4-year-old, also provides some excellent alternatives parents can use to satisfy their child's sweet tooth naturally.

Washington Post January 12, 2005

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