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Treating Prostate Cancer With Drugs Can Be Just As Deadly

I don't believe it's wise to implement aggressive, traditional medical strategies to treat prostate cancer, the second most deadly cancer among men. In fact, prostated cancer is a relatively slow-growing condition and easy to control if you catch it early enough.

If you're still concerned that my strategy isn't aggressive enough, consider a new study that found hormone-suppressing drugs increasingly used to treat prostate cancer make elderly men so much more prone to broken bones the risks of treatment may outweigh the benefits in those whose cancer was caught early. During the five years after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, men who didn't take hormone suppressors reduced their risk of a fracture to 13 percent versus 20 percent in those who did.

A review of health records of 50,613 American men 65 older than 65 with prostate cancer found hormone-suppressing drugs were responsible for some 3,000 fractures a year. That's a major concern, considering an estimated 40 percent of the 230,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer in American annually take drugs like Lupron to suppress production of male hormones like testosterone which can spur the growth of cancer cells. And serious fractures can hasten the pathway to death.

Some natural tools you can use to fight or prevent prostate cancer:

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