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Abnormal Hormonal Levels Linked to MS

Abnormal hormone levels may play an important role in how multiple sclerosis (MS) develops, according to research by Italian scientists. Hormone levels and brain scans were compared among 36 people without MS and 60 with this crippling disease.

Generally, women with MS had lower levels of testosterone throughout their monthly cycle compared to women who did not have the condition (although some women in the MS group had higher levels too). They were also more likely to show signs of the irreversible tissue damage, which is more likely to be seen in the remitting stage of the disease where tissue is not inflamed.

Although there was no difference in testosterone levels between men who have or didn't have MS, those who did had the highest levels of the female hormone estradiol and were found to have the greatest degree of brain tissue damage.

I recommend avoiding nearly all drugs for MS since they are only temporary solutions, and most are quite expensive. In my experience, resolving stress is a major part of improving the MS equation. The most effective way I know to relieve stress and begin the healing is to learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the effective energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

Another important component to fighting MS: Eating a healthy diet that best suited for your nutritional type. Get started today by taking our free online test.

Also, if anyone you know has MS, it is crucial they have their vitamin D blood levels checked. The trick is to get their levels normalized between 45 and 50 with a combination of sun exposure and supplemental vitamin D. Other than sunlight, the best source of vitamin D I can recommend is a high quality fish or cod liver oil.

BBC News January 17, 2005

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