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Cancer More Common Today Than Distant Past

Although this study may be "ancient" compared to the breaking news I typically post here, I felt it was worthy of your attention because it reflects so badly on the world's collective health today. The study which examined more than 3,000 human skeletons in a Croatian archaeological collection suggests cancer is more common today than at any point in human history.

What was interesting to the team of Croatian archaeologists and medics who were studying ancient human remains dating from 5,300 B.C. to the mid-19th century was what they didn't find: Little evidence of the signs some cancers leave behind. Although cancer is near or at the top of the list as the leading killer in developing nations, researchers said, it was very rare in ancient times.

Researchers theorize cancer may likely more common because people live longer today than they did hundreds of years ago. For example, the average age of the bones found by Croatian experts was just 36, about half that of modern Croatian citizens.

Then again, ancient populations didn't have to put up with all these other worries that allow cancer to spread at a much faster clip, and far earlier, than ever before:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Vaccines
  • Electrical power lines
  • CT scans

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National Geographic News July 13, 2004

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