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Many of you have purchased digital cameras and are starting to fill up your hard drives with digital photos. I have been doing that for about five years now and I thought I would share my experiences in this area with you.

First of all if you don't have a program for organizing and sharing digital photos and video clips you need one. Do you need to find all the digital pictures of a particular family member? Good luck. Your photos almost certainly won't contain enough information to make this possible. Without decent photo management software -- and a bit of effort on your part -- it's not going to happen. But with them both, magical things can happen!

I'd reviewed the area carefully and learned that Adobe won winning several awards, so I bought a copy in November 2003 of Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0. Now they are in version 3.0 and it is bundled with one of the best imaging programs on the market Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Now, my favorite web site, Google, is offering a free imaging software called Piccasa 2. Picasa 2 has more to like, but from a photo management standpoint, Adobe Photoshop Album is still much ahead. As with Photoshop Album, you can tag photos. In Picasa, these are called "labels." Create labels for anything you like. Assign them to photos, then you can view only the photos that match those labels.

Bottom Line?

If you can afford $70 I would absolutely purchase Adobe Elements Version 3. If $70 is out of your budget for now, I would absolutely go with Picasa 2.

If you want my latest camera recommendations, here they are:

  • Best camera value on the market Canon EOS 20 D. Without question this is the camera I would buy today if I was in the market. However, prior to the Canon released I purchased the Nikon D70 and I can't justify the upgrade at this time as there is not that much of a difference.
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