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COX-2s Put Pfizer, Drug Companies on Shaky Ground

Another sign this movement we've started to replace the current health care paradigm -- one that's addicted to drugs and short-term "cures" -- for a more rational model based on treating the true cause of disease is picking up steam: Concerns on Wall Street that profits for Pfizer, the nation's top drugmaker, and its cohorts seem to be taking a downward slide.

Specifically, the debatable "safety" of COX-2 inhibitors, Bextra and Celebrex, may indeed be placing the future of the pharmaceutical on shaky ground. It's certainly dampened investor enthusiasm as the Amex Pharmaceutical Index, along with Merck (remember that literally heart-stopping drug Vioxx) and Pfizer have taken big financial hits. So much so, placed those three on its "sick list" of worst performers among drug stocks.

Although Pfizer made quick cash, partly in response to last fall's Vioxx recall, its COX-2 inhibitors Celebrex and Bextra are now reeling due to links to those same risks of strokes and heart attacks. And, I suspect Pfizer is very concerned about next month's FDA meeting to discuss the "safety" of older painkillers and the COX-2s that replaced them.

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