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Prostate Cancer Screening Affected by Obesity

A new study underscores just one more reason obesity can be a killer: A man's weight may affect the accuracy of a common blood test to detect prostate cancer. That's a major concern because previous studies have shown prostate cancer is far more aggressive in men who are obese.

The dilemma: In this study of some 2,800 men, researchers found the more obese the men were, the lower their prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were. Yet, a PSA reading below 4.1 usually means no cancer. Even more troubling, the most morbidly obese men had about 30 percent lower PSA levels than men of normal weight.

Still, I don't believe it is wise to implement aggressive, traditional medical strategies to treat prostate cancer because it is a relatively slow-growing cancer and easy to control if you catch it early enough.

Much research has been done on what you can take naturally to treat prostate cancer. One great tool is a high quality source of fish or cod liver oil. Interestingly enough, cod liver oil is one of the best natural therapies you can implement to help a failing memory, a consequence of using conventional treatments for prostate cancer.

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