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Fibromyalgia Doesn't Prevent People From Being Active

Fibromyalgia is a serious condition not always recognized by conventional physicians. In fact, many medical professionals still struggle with how to treat fibromyalgia, and some so-called "experts" refuse to believe it even exists. However, I wouldn't advise asking anyone who suffers from deep muscle pains, aggravated by persistent fatigue, if their symptoms are "real."

Despite this lack of recognition, people who suffer from it largely keep moving, according to a new study, at similar average activity levels as those without those conditions. One caveat: Their levels of high-intensity "peak" activities -- such as climbing stairs, walking long distances or taking an aerobics class -- are much lower than among people without fibromyalgia.

Why is this activity so important? Researchers believe this study, involving round-the-clock activity monitoring and analysis rather than relying on patients self-reporting their activity levels, is helping them unlock some of the mysteries of fibromyalgia which could lead to changes in the treatment of patients with the chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissue,

These findings suggest people with fibromyalgia self-report poor physical function and increased pain after activity because they think in terms of the most intense activities that cause higher levels of pain. But what they don't report, and don't realize, is they can sustain some level of activity without increased pain.

That's why I recommend exercise as a more natural solution for fibromyalgia so patients can gain strength and increase natural chemicals that fight fatigue and depression. Other natural, healthier ways you can fight fibromyalgia without drugs:

  • Eat healthier based on your personal nutritional type.
  • Address your emotions. Nearly every person I have seen with fibromyalgia suffers from an underlying emotional component. That's why I strongly recommend learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the proven enregy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.

EurekAlert January 25, 2005

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