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The Firefox-Google Browser "Connection"

If you're one of my many readers who've made the switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer -- full of security problems that make searching, shopping and e-mailing on the Net a risky proposition AT BEST -- to Mozilla's free, full-featured Firefox browser, you may be interested, as I was, in a news story about a new hire at Google: Ben Goodger, Firefox's lead programmer.

The move has fueled even more speculation among the tech press that Google plans to take on Microsoft by developing its own Web browser. However, Goodger says his role with Firefox will remain "largely unchanged," and he will continue work on the browser. Since the release of 1.0 late last year, he's been focusing on the next three releases of Firefox.

Looks like Firefox developers may have been paying attention to Apple Computer's popular newest PC models, the compact Mini-Mac and G5-powered, LCD flat-panel IMac, according to news about future updates of the browser:

  • Version 1.1, code-named Deer Park, will include tools to help users of several Mac OS X browsers move their settings to Firefox. Also being discussed for this update, scheduled to be released in March, are localization ideas to make Firefox better able to work in multiple languages.
  • Version 1.5, called The Ocho, is slated to get improvements in accessibility and for use on large groups of computers.
  • Version 2.0 features include improvements to tabbed browsing, password management, software updates, software downloads and performance on Apple Computer systems.

These days, no matter if you own a Mac or a PC like I do, you have absolutely no excuse not to take advantage of all the free benefits Firefox offers.

CNET January 25, 2005

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