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The Vioxx Scandal Grows

An editorial written by two researchers with Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston (featured in this week's Archives of Internal Medicine) revealed Merck made one of its researchers remove her name from a prior Vioxx study linking it to heart attacks.

Even worse, the move allowed Merck to discredit the findings of a study THE COMPANY PAID FOR before a more recent one that forced the company to remove that toxic drug from the market last fall.

A company spokesperson confirmed the decision because Merck believed the results of the study, announced six months before the one that forced Vioxx off the market, "were not supported by the data." This news likely won't be surprising to FDA officials who will meet Feb. 16-18 to discuss the alleged "safety" of the class of COX-2 drugs.

The FDA can't claim they aren't in the dark about Vioxx, considering I posted a warning about it on my Web site SIX YEARS AGO. Folks, that's the quality of information you get when you subscribe to my free twice-weekly eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter.

Archives of Internal Medicine Vol. 165 No. 2, January 24, 2005 158-160

Yahoo News January 25, 2005

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