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Monsanto Jumping Into the Seed Business

More grist for the mill regarding amoral (at the very best) multi-national, mega-billion companies taking a stranglehold on our health was news that Monsanto is poised to become world's largest producer of fruit and vegetable seeds, announcing its intent to purchase California-based Seminis yesterday for $1.4 billion.

If you follow my site regularly, Monsanto is a popular "lightning rod" for its controversial innovations in genetic modifications for U.S. crops such as soya beans and corn, and bovine growth hormones (BGH), not to mention NutraSweet.

Until recently, Monsanto's push to introduce genetically engineered wheat was shelved due to domestic and international opposition. Some experts believe Monsanto's move into the seed market, further extending its reach into Asia and Europe, is part of a greater scheme to gain broader acceptance of biotech crops, so they can eventually move back into genetically engineered wheat.

I was glad to lend my support for the transition away from BGH, and will continue to monitor Monsanto's progress -- or very hopefully a lack of it -- in manufacturing genetically engineered wheat or any other unnatural, chemically-compromised food.

The GuardianUnlimited January 25, 2005

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