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One Man's Quest to Uncover the Toxic Secrets Behind Accutane

During his famous testimony in front Congress late last year, Dr. David Graham cited the acne drug Accutane as one of the five most dangerous FDA-approved drugs, risking his job and financial and professional future in the process. Heaven knows, how lonely it can be in the media spotlight when you're one of the few health professionals who advocates a more rational health paradigm that focuses on treating the true cause of one's health problems, instead of being blinded by the symptoms.

Dr. Graham has a new ally in his corner, and from an unlikely source: A grieving father who has spent about $1 million of his own retirement savings to fund scientific research to examine the toxicity of Accutane. In fact, Liam Grant is so certain Accutane caused his son's suicide -- he died only six months after starting taking the drug -- he's funded a Web site that advocates restricting its use and is investigating what Swiss drugmaker Roche knows about its "safety." And, he's rejected a settlement that could potentially replace some of the money he's already spent.

Why? The chance to square off against Roche in a Dublin, Ireland, court next month. If successful, his fight could force Roche to release internal documents that demonstrate Accutane's propensity for causing depression or suicide which would aid plaintiffs in 70 U.S. court cases, a congressman's efforts to hold a public hearing on the drug's "safety" and potentially force regulators to require a "black box" warning label.

With acne affecting about 85 percent of us at some time in our lives, it is the most common skin disease addressed by dermatologists. But when it comes time to make a recommendation, physicians typically advise conventional approaches to treating acne, such as Accutane, instead of optimizing your diet by cutting your intake of grains and sugars.

That's because doctors can't "sell you" a healthy diet, and they are strongly influenced by drug companies and their peers to prescribe expensive and sometimes harmful topical acne creams and antibiotics. The only person who can get rich from a healthy diet recommendation is YOU!

USA Today January 27, 2005

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